Wishes for You

Wishes ‘n’ a wee toast t’ lead all into the spirit o’ St. Valentine’s Day !   ***************** May you always have these blessings A soft breeze when it’s hot A warm fireside when it’s not And the comfort of love ‘n’ friendship always **************** ********** ***** **


+++ A Wee Bit O’ Readin’ Material (sort of) +++

************************************** Here would be a bit o’ readin’ material t’ lighten yer day and would hope t’ bring a smile t’ yer face.   Whilst sittin’ in the pub one day a feller lifted his Guinness an’ said t’ me, “smile, things could be worse…, so I smiled, and surely they got worse”.  Be careful out… Read More +++ A Wee Bit O’ Readin’ Material (sort of) +++


*** Sometimes when its quiet And I’m sitting all alone I think of things I’ve seen, done And loves that I have known I reach out and touch those memories And review those precious times Reliving the wonderful chapters Of the book of life that’s mine. Recalling all the beauty…, blessings All miracles…, each one… Read More Sometimes