A Midnight Rose

(The painting is a bit of fluff just completed. Part of my summertime distractions.) ************************************************** ****************************************** Only in the deepest darkness Does she come to the one She knows, and to him alone Does she give the beauty And the loveliness of the Beautiful Midnight Rose. ************ ***** **  

The Pathway to Heaven

  ——————————————— (click on any photos to enlarge) ============== ________ The Pathway to Heaven ***************************************** …and what I found there… The beginning of my daily Paradise… A vision of beauty…, and the sound of power… A friend to walk with… …and, at the end of day, all this beauty to reflect upon and ponder. _________________________ ++++++++++++++… Read More The Pathway to Heaven

By Chance

(Part fact – part fiction.  Mostly just a story) While walking along a moonlit shore one peaceful evening, a young man chanced to meet an unbelievably beautiful young woman.  The air was filled with the scent of jasmine and the saltiness of the incoming tide.  Small waves softly kissed the beach and retreated, leaving the… Read More By Chance