~ Prelude to a Valentine ~

(Just some old words, crying for some music to turn them into a song) ************** Just an old familiar song I hear Keeps wanderin’ back to me Brings me back to times so dear When you were here with me * It’s just a melody That brings back memories A soft and tender tune Beneath… Read More ~ Prelude to a Valentine ~


~~ Windsong~~

********************************************** *************************** * In the window, candle’s glowing Cool and soft, the nightwind’s blowing Far too long my heart’s been roaming Windsong carry me home Far flung dreams too long were calling In pace with storms and rain a-falling Now I would no longer roam Windsong take me home *** Longing to see her face… Read More ~~ Windsong~~

Fridays by the Fountain

  ************************************************************************************** ***************************************************************** *************************************** 4th of July *** Big Band, Jazz, Dixieland, and some Patriotic music by the Heidman Band at “Fridays by the Fountain”. During the late Spring and Summer the Morris Civic Auditorium in South Bend presents live music by the fountain in front f the auditorium from 10:30am til 3:30pm on every… Read More Fridays by the Fountain

Under a Clear and Starry Sky (an unfinished song)

****************************************** Cooled by a playful summer breeze Eyes raised up to the stars Astounded by the twinkling light Even the planets, Venus…, Mars Show their faces in the night ************* The hour of midnight comes and goes  I sit here with a lonely heart Under a clear and starry sky ************ ************* Ursus Major, Orion, Diana… Read More Under a Clear and Starry Sky (an unfinished song)

~More Footprints…~

******************************************************************** ******************************************************************* He rolled sleepily out of bed and trudged down the hallway to turn up the heat on the thermostat.  It was cold in the house.  It always was this time of morning, this time of year.  He turned the heat down every night, thinking to save on his utility bill.  Crawling lazily back into… Read More ~More Footprints…~

Christmas Songs

******************************************** ******************************************** Christmas in Eire An old traditional Irish Christmas carol is “Curoo, Curoo,” or the Carol of the Birds. It is thought to date back to at least the 18th century. Full many a bird did wake and fly Curoo, curoo, curoo Full many a bird did wake and fly To the manger bed… Read More Christmas Songs


********************************** Open opportunity’s tempting door And take that always wanted chance Life may not the party we hoped for, But since we’re here we ought to dance. * Don’t know what you’re waiting for Never find a sweet romance Standing there beside the door Get out there on that big old floor…, and dance! ***************** ******** ***… Read More Dance