Stuff ‘n’ Things

*********************************************************** ****************************************      Well, it’s been a short summer, but a longer time than I’ve had time to call my own.  What with a few short 2 day trips here and there, and projects around the house & yard, and….., well I never would have believed that grandkids could take up so much of my… Read More Stuff ‘n’ Things

~ Hummingbird ~

************************************************************~ ***************************************************** A portrait of a Hummingbird. I’ve always been fascinated by these aerobatic wonders who can travel at the speed of wings, stop, and hover in mid-air, fly in reverse, and turn on a dime.  As birds go, I think they’re sublime. This painting is for someone who especially likes Hummers.  You know who you are… Read More ~ Hummingbird ~

~ Better ~

*************************** Her only response was, ‘Hmmph !!!!  Ive seen you do worse !” It was a sideways compliment, and a challenge, thrown by the youthful image of a mischievous imp who often drove me to distraction with her constant, consistent demand that I could do better.  Quite often I despised her carping attitude, but at the… Read More ~ Better ~

A New Muse

//////ok////// ***** \\\\\\\\\\   ****************** The hour was late.  I was tired, but she pleaded with me and finally seduced me into an effort.  I pulled the brushes and tablet from the cabinet, loaded a pallet with paint, and began.  I hadn’t touched a brush for over 4 years, except to paint the walls in… Read More A New Muse

An Experiment in Perceptions

***************************************************** ============================= _______________ Comment about the picture if you’d like, but what I’m most interested in hearing is, after looking closely at the image, what do you see in this picture? Will share my perceptions and more about the painting after I hear yours….. *********** Thanks, Paul === +

A Fish Story

************************* ************ A Remarkable Fish By Ashley S.   This is my friend and fellow artist, Ashley, on her 16th birthday. Isn’t she beautiful?  She is one of the reasons I go to Florida every year on vacation.  This year, since it was her 16th birthday, it was a command that I attend, and I’d… Read More A Fish Story

~~ Good Night

************** In a crystal clear sky On a cold starry night A thin crescent moon  Gives naught of its light ‘Tis time for the promise Of dreams to keep To rest our weary heads And, at last, to sleep. ************************************ GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY ! ************ ****** *** *

Muse’s Pique

************ ********** The writer’s muse in me scoffed That’s it !  I’m taking the whole night off The doors to imagination shut New thoughts and ideas were put on the shelf. . Time to find a book to read to fill empty artistic need Or in my hand a brush to take Another muse to… Read More Muse’s Pique

Wintersun Blues

…………………………………………………………… ***************** Woke this morning to cold and snow Spring’s in two days, don’t you know Stepped out into a blustery wind Will this miserable winter never end The sun is out, but it’s not warm It lacks its usual brilliant charm. It’s just too cold outside to do anything And I’m really feeling the… Read More Wintersun Blues