~ Prelude to a Valentine ~

(Just some old words, crying for some music to turn them into a song) ************** Just an old familiar song I hear Keeps wanderin’ back to me Brings me back to times so dear When you were here with me * It’s just a melody That brings back memories A soft and tender tune Beneath… Read More ~ Prelude to a Valentine ~


Christmas Stuff

  Just some miscellaneous bits of information relative to the holiday season.  Found it interesting and thought to share it with y’all. ****************************************************************** ******************************************** Winter Solstice The Sun is directly overhead of the Tropic of Capricorn in the Southern Hemisphere during the December Solstice. The December solstice has played an important role in cultures worldwide… Read More Christmas Stuff

A Fish Story

************************* ************ A Remarkable Fish By Ashley S.   This is my friend and fellow artist, Ashley, on her 16th birthday. Isn’t she beautiful?  She is one of the reasons I go to Florida every year on vacation.  This year, since it was her 16th birthday, it was a command that I attend, and I’d… Read More A Fish Story

Ruthless North Wind

******************************************* ***************************** The drums of autumn are muffled by the blowing and drifting of snow The hapless trees made nude of leaves by bitter cold, ruthless north wind *** All creatures now scurry for all they can store for soon there’ll be snow on the ground, nothing more and it will be scoured as clean… Read More Ruthless North Wind

The Birds

************************************ The latest styles that birds in northern Indiana are featuring now. Seems like the weather is getting to them too. Saw this little critter outside my window this morning. ************* ***** *