~~ A Bit o’ the Irish ~~

And now, a bit of Irish wisdom….. When a man would be speakin’ to a woman he must be thoughtful enough to realize that anything that he says, about anything, can, and be used against him if he should in any manner displease, in any way, the above mentioned woman. ——— **** ——–


Laugh a Little !

**************************************** With all the violence and depravity in the news now, isn’t it time for a little levity ???? ******************************** I had a knock at my door earlier, it was a policeman… “Mr Cook?” “Yes,” I replied. “I’m afraid your dog has just been reported to have chased someone on a bike.” I said, “That’s… Read More Laugh a Little !


    Know that ye can’t kiss an Irish lass by surprise, only just sooner than she thought ye might !  …and now ’til day be done, may yer day be filled wi’ Irish fun ! ******************************************************** Lá Shona Fhéile Pádraig go léir! Sláinte ag! ******************************* **************** *****