÷÷ The Storm ÷÷


The night is quiet and calm with a whisper of a breeze

In the distance there’s a flicker of light along the horizon

Within moments the breeze has become a gale

The dark deepens and towering clouds roil the sky

Like the spawn of demons lashed by a hurricane wind

A kettle drum of thunder announces the approaching storm

Flashes of lightning explode in all directions

Illuminating the oncoming heavy rain

In it’s advance is wind blown hail, pounding all in its path

Closely followed by the torrential rain

Then, as swiftly as it had approached, it is gone

Leaving in its wake a detrius of fallen trees

Tangled limbs, shattered glass, and broken dreams.




Goodnight Everybody.

Be Safe, and

May your dreams be happy ones

3 thoughts on “÷÷ The Storm ÷÷

  1. I agree with Cindy….
    I had another storm yesterday… they seem to get stronger, more rage…
    afterwards the quiet makes me count my Blessings more

    just me

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