~~ The Page ~~


Now is a quiet time

A place for verse

A space for rhyme.

What better way

In heart and mind

To end the day.

The day is ended

Work is done

Wrongs are mended.

The evening sky

In star filled dark

Asks not why

We search for love

‘neath silver moon

And stars above.

In this blissful peace

We find solace

(and) all else will cease.

The spirit inside

Finds its release

And no longer hides.

Words flow easily

The dream begins

And the page is filled.




5 thoughts on “~~ The Page ~~

  1. space of time
    forward yet behind
    clocks to wind
    rhymes to find

    hope things are well
    have you fallen under a spell
    time will tell
    in that shade of pale

    words may rhyme
    most of the time

    and now i have run out of (sense)words
    hope you heard
    my whispers on the wind
    hopefully the wind carried them

    Take Care Paul…You Matter in this crazy world

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