~~ Broken ~~


I went to sleep…, and as time passed all seemed well

Then came the morning light and I was awoken

To find that the world that seemed so well

Was all around me….., broken !


Broken governments

Broken schools


Broken society

Broken people

Broken toys

Broken glass


Broken dreams

Broken hearts

Broken lives

I felt paralyzed.

I could only look upward to the skies

Only to find sad grey clouds filling my eyes

Looking around me to realize

That I too was broken…






2 thoughts on “~~ Broken ~~

    1. Not the state of my affairs (oh, I have so many affairs !!!) just an observation of the world around me. And you’re right…, it really is sad that our society, and our world has declined so very much. Hugs, Cuz.

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