Autumn Leaves



The autumn leaves drift by my window

Along with them comes chill and wind

Where did the warmth of summer go

Please tell me why it had to end


Days are shorter and much too cool

Nights are long and much too cold

To think it would, last, was I a fool

Or am I just getting too old


Times come now when mem’rys faded

Come back to haunt a tired mind

All around seems bland and jaded

Peace now is my goal to find


Soon comes my winter of discontent.  That’s nothing new folks.  Those who know me,

know I’m discontented every winter.  It’s simply my least favorite season.  Wind, cold,

and snow, and such are simply some more 4-letter words that I try to avoid.  Oh, well,

if it’s gotta be, it’s gotta be.  What triggered this little rant is the forecast of a high temp

of 42deg, and a low of 26deg, with a 60% chance of snxw.  All this said, I’m off to a Notre

Dame basketball game. 


G’nite All !

Stay warm.









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