~~ R ‘n’ R ~~





 Before the trip had even begun, the butterfly bush started to blossom and

the swallowtails arrived by the dozen to avail themselves of the pollen and

nectar, then came the Red Admirals, and the Browns, soon to be followed

by a blue-black butterfly that I’d never seen before…, or maybe forgot about,

(I do that sometimes).  Soon, then, it was time to be on the road…, Ohio,

Pennsylvania, a little tip of New York, and down the turnpike to south Jersey.


On the way, we stayed in Bedford, a historic little town in central Pennsylvania that is loaded with

history, beautiful old buildings and homes, and loads of tradition.  On a Saturday evening could find

only one restaurant open and it was at a Bed and Breakfast nearly 5 miles from town.  Everyone in

Bedford had rolled up the streets and went to bed with the chickens.  I think that may have been the traditional part.  The B&B was a rustic old inn that

has been in use since the 1750s.

 img_1488 img_1484

Jean Bonnet Tavern and Giftshop


These are some of the historic homes and buildings in Bedford that date back to the 1700s.



Espy house was Washington’s headquarters during the Whiskey Rebellion.




The building above almost looks like it should be in the

French Quarter in New Orleans (the pic is from a post card from the shop there)



And then it was on to New Jersey.  I thought Pennsylvania would never end.  We continued on to the south Jersey Shore and set up housekeeping with in-laws for a week at the shore with wonderful sunny skies and warm (not hot) temperatures.  It was great


 This was the view from the deck of brother-in-law’s home.  The canal leads out to the Atlantic.

Fishing here was not so good because of a silted and muddy bottom and boat traffic.



After a day of rest and relaxation, and pizza and mussels, it was time to go touring.  This is an actual working

paddleboat that goes from the Barnegat River dock out the inlet to the Atlantic on a 2.5 hour tour, offering views of

wildlife, (mostly gulls and herons) and beautiful homes that have been built along the river – some are quite

old and some are very contemporary.

20160824_124404  20160824_110711  20160824_110904

20160824_110859  20160826_150155 20160824_125010

During the cruise we had a nice seafood lunch and drinks, (well everybody else had drinks, I restricted

myself to my usual iced tea).  All in all, it was a nice, relaxing day.


During the week we took a side trip to north Jersey to see a 9/11 memorial park and while somewhat small,

it offered some meaningful insights to that sad event.

20160828_183107 20160828_184146 20160828_183406

20160828_183313 20160828_183146 20160828_183817

Lest we forget !


Back at Barnegat Bay I surrendered to the temptation of some shore fishing on the bay.  Caught some Sole and

Bluefish which augmented dinner for the evening.


While I was there I encountered a “Rock Garden” which proved

somewhat interesting…….





……and on, and on, and on.  There were hundreds of them !!!


Finally it was time to head for home….., ugghhh !


Back home, arrival was greated by even more butterflies…..

img_1430 img_1450 img_1442

And so went the little sojourn of the PapaBear, while at home the Lily Cat waited…..


It’s time to settle down to some more serious writing.  I’ve been avoiding

it for quite a while.  Being serious is work ya know…., and work is another

of those “four letter” words I Itry to avoid.  🙂


I’m feeling a little bit Goofy tonight.  Could you tell ?



G’nite Everybody !






5 thoughts on “~~ R ‘n’ R ~~

  1. Well it was certainly worth waiting for this! I love the shot of your brother in law’s deck. Pure perfection. All the historic houses are so wonderful. And there you are fishing, “Barton Blue” in the blue. You do know I was born in La Jolla oceanfront and have sea water in my soul. We’re both Bartons after all. Good to have you back cuz~

    1. Visited La Jolla about 5-6yrs ago and had a very nice time there, Cuz. I seem to remember a park along the water with seals and/or sea lions. Fun to watch. G’nite Cindy. 🙂

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