Takin’ a Break (so what’s new about that???)   9 comments





Takin’ a little break.  Will be back in about 2 weeks. 

Y’all take care, and have fun.  Summer’s almost over !!!








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9 responses to “Takin’ a Break (so what’s new about that???)

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  1. Have Fun 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Take Care….You Matter…..

    LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words
    • So great to hear from you Mary Rose. Is there a site that I can follow you…, or some other means of communication? Hugs !

      • 🙂 you can always email me…
        I am thinking about another blog…taking care of my mom seems to zap my energy to write these days…(but….I know its where I am suppose to be)…so I wonder if writing gives me energy…LOLs, I think sometimes I am completely lost and will never be found again…
        I hope you have been having a nice restful break…..we are having rain in August, 80’s for temperatures…hmmmm maybe thats why I seem lost?

        and hugs back to you…that meant alot to me today ….
        Take Care…You Matter you know

        LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words
      • Don’t have your email , darlin’ girl !

  2. Well, at least you warn us, which is thoughtful and polite. Me? I just disappear without notice and show up who knows when!!!
    Enjoy your break my friend.

  3. Gosh, what a QT!

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