Notre Dame du Lac

Friends from the east coast were here and asked for a tour of the Notre Dame university campus.  They, naturally, were impressed with all of the sports facilities, but were most impressed with the cathedral.  They had no idea what the interior might hold and were surprised by what they found.  Below are a few shots that highlight some of the wonder of the place……..



This is the famous “Golden Dome”.  It is not the cathedral as many think,

but the administration building for the campus, beautiful, nonetheless…..


Inside the cathedral, this is the main altar with its beautiful

multifaceted tabernacle.


This is the ceiling of one of the small side chapels.


A fresco above the altar of another side chapel.

(there are several small chapels aside from the

main body of the building).


The Pieta in a nave near the main altar


The old altar which is now used only for

small, special ceremonies.


The ceiling above the old altar.


The ceiling above the cathedral’s main altar.


“The Grotto”…, this is a copy of the famed grotto at Lourdes,

France.  While not as well known as the original, tens of thousands

of visitors come here every year.  On a quiet day, it’s a very peaceful place.



And this is the Complaint Department at

Notre Dame……, if you dare !!!






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