A Trip to the Zoo



Last weekend I took a trip to the zoo.  Not your usual zoo with giraffes, elephants, bears, and such, although this one had its share of cats.  In it there were Flying Tigers, Hellcats, Tomcats, Wildcats, and a few other interesting animals such as Mallards, Camels, Cobras, a Gypsy Moth, and a Warhawk. I tried to get pictures of them but some were a bit shy and hid in the darker shadows.  It was a lot of fun though.  Naturally, all of the above are names of different aircraft and can be seen at the Air Zoo in, where else, Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Below are some of the better shots I was able to get.




Himself in a mini WWII Corsair (flyable)


A WWI Fokker D7 (Think “Red Baron)


A Sopwith Camel (in restoration) (Think Snoopy)


Himself in the cockpit of an F106 Delta Dart


Inside the cockpit of the F106


Suzanne Upjohn Parrish

This is a picture of a dear friend who permitted me the honor of

helping prepare her flight planning, weather briefing, and flight

assistance for many years.  The Air Zoo was the culmination of

a dream for her and her husband.  They, for years, when it was

affordable, collected many of the aircraft in the Air Zoo, (and flew

many of them).  She made her last flight into the azure heavens

in 2010 at the tender age of 87, and will always be fondly

remembered. Below is a picture of Sue in “the office” – her pink

P40N Warhawk. 

Sue in her famous pink P-40N Warhawk

Click on picture for a larger image



Himself with an F104 Starfighter


Soviet Mig15


SR71 Blackbird


And finally, the one that started it all…

The Wright Flyer.


There were so many more pictures, but I didn’t want to totally bore anyone.  I guess you might get the idea…, I loved aviation…, any and all parts of it.  I loved the freedom of the air – flight !!!









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