~ Simple Things ~


A happy smile, a quiet conversation, walking in the park holding hands, a simple ride along backroads with no destination in mind, a handwritten letter, a stolen kiss in a crowded room…, simple things, for sure, but what has happened to them?  Have they become so “dated”, or maybe “old fashioned” that they are mundane in the everyday techno world we live in now?


We talk about communication, but instead of talking to each other, we email, text, tweet.  As for any type of intimate interaction, can you kiss on a smart phone, hold hands?  If we are going anywhere anymore it has to be to someplace, at a planned time, by the route on a GPS or smart phone.

In this complex world of multitasking with smart devices, phones, TV’s, computers, et.al., what has happened to simplicity?  Technology, and the stupendous number of tasks and work of which it is capable, is, in all it’s… complexity, not as beautiful as a blade of grass, a leaf from a tree, or the blossom from a rose. 

Technology has so many wonderful uses, and has made life easier for most of us, but, with all its wonders, it simply can’t replace the beauty of a sunrise…, or sunset, the warmth of a smile, the tenderness of a kiss, the happiness in a child’s laugh, and so many more simple pleasant and beautiful things that are part of the real world we must touch every day.  It’s sad that these simpler things are less appreciated and often ignored for the offerings of a techno world.








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