~ The Rest of the Story ~



Now for the rest of the story…..

Day 1 didn’t define the whole trip by any means.

There was a blustery wind the whole week, but

to put things into perspective, while there were

several days in the 60s and one in the 50s, it felt

wonderful compared to the teens and nighttime

single digits that were reported back home !


Dawn of day 2. Blue sky and SUNSHINE !!!

From there on it was a just a boring procession

of sunsets and beach fun, and as bad as it was,

I managed to suffer through all of it…, (really,

I caught a terrible cold on the 3rd day there.)

Warmer days and sunshine mitigates a lot of

misery though.  Actually it turned out to be quite

beneficial.  Hack! Cough! Sniffle! Sneeze!  That usually

cleared a table to sit, or at least a stool or two at the counter.

Gotta use the tools you have available, ya know !

20160108_180236  20160108_174304

20160108_174501  IMG_1163



Almost a week of beautiful days, nights, and, as per usual, the annual visit

with my sweetheart.  We managed another “masterpiece” painting.

Then it was, sadly, time to pack and start for the airport, and home,

and a return to real winter again.  We were greeted the night of our

arrival in Chicago with snow, wind, and a temp of only 6 deg.

Oh, well, it’ll be over in a few months…., won’t it ?????



Now, it’s time to settle back with a good book

and my faithful Lily cat at my feet !







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