A Run for the Sun – Day 1



Went south attempting to escape some of the cold Midwestern winter for a few days

Was ok, but not as warm as was expected.


Arrived at the beachfront “condo” to gray skies, high winds, and an angry sea.

What ever happened to “sunny Florida” ???



Even the Pelicans were heading for cover and safe harbor.


The Egrets and Herons were hiding beneath the piers !


The Pelicans finally decided that there was safety in numbers.

Latecomers had to shield the “early birds” from the wind !


Finally, after about 5pm the clouds started to break and

give way to a weak sun…, but the wind kept driving the

tide forward relentlessly.


Around 5:30 the clouds finally decided to head east

and we were left with a weak, windy sunset.


So much for Day 1






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