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A portrait of a Hummingbird. I’ve always been fascinated by these aerobatic wonders who can travel at the speed of wings, stop, and hover in mid-air, fly in reverse, and turn on a dime.  As birds go, I think they’re sublime. This painting is for someone who especially likes Hummers.  You know who you are !








Posted December 22, 2015 by PapaBear in Painting, Prose, Uncategorized

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2 responses to “~ Hummingbird ~

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  1. Gorgeous! Yes I think they are wondrous too! I saw a few when I lived in Florida and found them absolutely enchanting.

  2. Oh my! Exquisite Paul. Just simply beautiful! You are so very talented. This captures their magical, spiritual essence and their beautiful nature. God Bless you Paul and Merry Christmas~

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