~ Joeux Noel ~


 ~ Pere Noel ~

(Traditions of France)

Father Christmas or Santa Claus is known as ‘Pere Noel’ in France. According to French Christmas legends, Pere Noel or Papa Noel gives presents to children who behave well throughout the year. He is accompanied by Pere Fouettard, his dark alter ego cohort, who informs Pere Noel as to which children have been good and which ones behaved badly during the year. Pere Noel is portrayed as an old man, dressed in the traditional red and white attire. He travels around the world on his donkey or on his sleigh pulled by reindeers and stops at houses to leave presents for good children. The French fill shoes and logs with treats for Pere Noel’s donkey or reindeers on Christmas Eve. They do this to please Pere Noel so that he may leave gifts for them. French traditions include preparation of the Christmas log cake, burning of the Yule log till New Year’s Day and enactment of nativity scenes.


Joyeuses fêtes à tous !







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