December 10th…, a Long Time Ago   5 comments



At the beginning of December

Conversations turned to snow

It was always in her questions

Wherever we would go

I promised I would take her

So that finally she would know

But angels came to take her home

And she never saw the snow.


As the chill of winter settles on the land and brings gray clouds the horizon, memories of another December come to mind and I feel a presence, and I hear a soft whisper, “Don’t fret dearest.  I’ve been with you all this time, every day of every year…, and, yes darlin’, even in the snow”.  A quick caress and she is gone again. 




In memory of Gayle Marie
12/10/1962 Heaven gained another angel…, and another star shone brightly in the night sky


Good Night Everybody !




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5 responses to “December 10th…, a Long Time Ago

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  1. Conversation turned to snow… Beautiful Paul, just beautiful.

  2. This is beautiful. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    • Thanks for your visit, Dorinda, and the wonderful comment. Loss ??? I could never count any of the moments with her as a loss. Our time might have been short, but it was full of everything that is love. That was her gift to my life.

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