~ Vacation ??? ~



Took a vacation that was not

Went to a place that was hot

Great Italian food – ate a lot

Went to Atlantic City to stalk

Some fun on the Boardwalk

My camera I forsook

So no pictures I took

2 tires went flat

So in the garage I sat

Where I was forced to retire

While they replaced both my tires

Other events went not well

But of these I shan’t tell

Now I’m tired tonight

And I give up the fight

I’ll listen to the angel who knows best

Lay my head down and rest (and sleep)




May the moon and stars light the path to your dreams.





2 thoughts on “~ Vacation ??? ~

  1. Don’t let one vacation take the air out of your sail! (or tires!) buy a ticket somewhere amazing and just sit on the beach and relax and bring your camera this time!

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