~~ A Mississippi Evening ~~




Sitting out on the deck this evening and the feeling is so much the same as so many years ago, sitting out on the veranda watching the moonrise and the stars appear one-by-one in the night sky.  The day was miserably humid and hot as johnny cakes on the griddle but has cooled into just a warm, soft evening.  Lightning bugs are flashing their signals in the bushes along the edge of the back yard and there is just a caress of a gulf coast breeze……, just like a soft Mississippi evening so very long ago…….



Soft summer evening, just my love and I

Sittin’ on the back porch under a nighttime sky

Talkin’ ’bout yesterday ‘n’ dreams we had

Dreamin’ ’bout tomorrow ‘n’ feelin’ glad

Lookin’ into her eyes, she’s lookin’ at me

Hopin’ that she sees the love that I see




Good Night Everybody !



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