~~ Dance Party ~~



Sometimes like a silky slow waltz with its precise rhythm and time

Sometimes an exotic jazz tune in it’s runs, and riffs, and no rhyme

An erotic salsa with a staccato beat

Or a sweet sexy rumba that shuffles our feet


Some move us rapidly, some move us slow

We move to their rhythm and somehow we know

That with all the variety of these dance steps above

Its a romantic two-step that oft leads us to love.

The journey seems endless as we travel along

Moving our step to the beat of its song






Yeah, I’m in a kind of funky mood tonight.  Been a long day and I’m a bit tired but not too tired to share a thought or two with y’all.  It’s my feeling that life’s like a big dance party and everyone just has to find their own rhythm and groove so that things will make some sense and seem worthwhile to us.  And, when it’s all over and the band’s packing up for the night, we just have to know that life will still be there tomorrow night, just a new crowd, dancing to a new band.


Keep on dancin’………

 Good Night Everybody !




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