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1st effort


Her only response was, ‘Hmmph !!!!  Ive seen you do worse !”


It was a sideways compliment, and a challenge, thrown by the youthful image of a mischievous imp who often drove me to distraction with her constant, consistent demand that I could do better.  Quite often I despised her carping attitude, but at the same time loved her for her insistence that she knew that whatever I was doing, though it may be good…, but it wasn’t my best work. In her eyes I could always do better…., with more study, more effort…, I could do better.

From this impish, youthful image came the thoughts of the wily old fox that was my grandmother.  It was her habit always to compliment what I might have done, along with the phrase “You can do better”.  Even after all of the years that she has been gone, she still tantalizes me with her haunting spirit, pushing me ever farther, faster, better.  I would be much less without this spirit constantly reminding me and pushing me forward.  Forward, to do better.

Now look what’s happened…  The muse is jealous !!!

 She’s been gone for nearly a month now…, absent…, totally gone.  She’s done it before, just never this long.  I must confess, I’m getting a little concerned.  She’s left before, surely, but for only a few days, maybe a week, but never this long.  Lost?  I doubt it.  This feels intentional, like punishment.  Yeah, I’ve been really busy lately with family, projects, and a few other things, and maybe I ignored her for a while, but this is gettin’ reeedicuuluus !!!  Besides, I’m still really busy.  If this is a game of who can outlast whom, I got news for this little imp….  Dammit !!!  What can I say?  I miss her ornery nagging spirit……….., maybe some flowers?  Whaddya think?


Nah !!!  She hates roses !






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