My Perfect Winter Day


I must warn you…, not everyone is cut out for this kind of excitement!


The day begins with the celebration of the sunrise at the beach…

20150222_102436 BeautifulDay[1]

and continues with a nice breakfast…, citrus, strawberry, banana, and an egg croissant while I peruse the scenery outside the window…

 FL Birds

Then a walk around the Preserve to visit with a few friends…

AnnaMaria 5

Followed by a late afternoon walk on the beach and maybe a short swim…


and then sticking around to enjoy the beauty of the sunset…


Afterwards, it’s back to the cottage for dinner.  Tonight’s fare is a shrimp stir-fry…

With the dishes done….


…retiring with a good book and snuggling with my girlfriend…

Image result for fireplace images

…in front of a glowing fire as both of us drift off to our dreams.


Mind you that nowhere in this day is there a mention of any such 4-letter word such as “work” !!!



Good Night Everybody !






8 thoughts on “My Perfect Winter Day

  1. Ah yes! I meant to tell you how much I enjoyed these pictures and the good humour shining through.
    I figured better late than never… knowing you will forgive, because that’s who you are.

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