Celebrate !


Happy Valentine’s Day

May it be filled with happiness,

and fun, and dreams that come true,

but mostly with the love

of all you hold dear.






9 thoughts on “Celebrate !

  1. Loved this so much!
    My hubby is on a business trip but the other day he surprised me at work. I got off an hour and a half late. He came to my work at six thinking that I’d be out in a few minutes. He texted me with a sad face and then a sadder face. But I had no idea, I thought he was at home waiting for me. When I got out of the car, I heard this whistle and I assumed it wasn’t for me so I just looked down and when I heard another, I looked up and there was my sweet husband with roses and a card because we were going to miss being together on Valentines Day! The best gift was he actually WAITED an hour and a half to surprise me!! 🙂 Ahhhh. lol.

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