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 As you can see below, I’m trying to avoid any of those nasty 4-letter words like snow, wind, cold,  so as not to bore you with the obvious of the environment surrounding me right now.

Think Warm Everybody !



The Wabash River near my boyhood home

When I was a young boy I was awestruck by the river.  It looked so wide, so powerful, and so mysterious.  At first there was a twinge of fear whenever I was near it, afraid it would draw me into its mighty current and carry me away to…I didn’t know where.  After a time though, I started to like the idea of its deep, dark, magnificent power.  It yielded to no one or nothing, either at low ebb or floodtide.

As I grew, I began to see the river as my friend, fishing from its banks and enjoying the bounty that it offered…

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  1. It’s not helping -:(

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