Feathered Friends




A Great Blue Heron on the beach


A Brown Pelican on the pier


A storm of Sanderlings in the sand


One good Tern deserves 5 more


A siege of Sandpipers


A Great White Egret just being great


This is a sampling of my “beach buddies” during the trip.  I walked the beach every morning or along the edge of a mangrove swamp and there was always something going on in both locations.  There were more birds but I didn’t want to bore you with batches of birds .  Will post more of the trip as I get pics uploaded on the computer.


Would normally say I’m glad to be home but all that white stuff outside is NOT sand from the beach, and it’s nowhere near 75 degrees out there.  The good part is that I was greeted with rubs and kisses by the Lily Cat.


The watchwords for tonight are…







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