Good night my beautiful  lady.  I must leave in the early morn tomorrow. To leave  you here makes me sad. I will miss our long walks and cconversations.

Must you go, my love? It seems  you have only  arrived and there is so much I would share with you?. I want to bring you close me and show you the wonder and beauty of my world.

My time, sadly is over and I must go back to those for whom I am responsible. Please try to not be sad. As I leave, a part of my heart stays here with you and I will hold the memory of these days always close.

The breeze whispered to him as spray from the surf brushed his face like a salty kiss. He slowly crossed the soft white sand, turning for a final look before getting into the car and departing.


Yes, the dream is coming to the end. I leave tomorrow morning to return to the frigid, snowy hinterlands of the Midwest. It’s been a grand vacation from the cold but now it’s time to go. I will miss the sun and its warmth…, and the beach, the water, the flowers, and friends.

See y’all in a couple of days!!!!





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