~~ Memories…, Another year passes

**************************** I was visited in the early morning hours today by an ethereal spirit…, a ghost, if you will…, tall, slender, coal black hair, sapphire blue eyes.  Not a word said…, she just looked into my eyes, smiled, and caressed my cheek, and then, as quietly as she came, she dissolved into the morning mist… Read More ~~ Memories…, Another year passes


A Winter’s Gift

************************************************ ++++++++++++++++++++ Come, walk with me a while Let’s share some time. If you favor me a smile Maybe I’ll offer you a rhyme. It’s quiet, peaceful here Let’s sit and take a rest Forget the rush, think Christmas cheer Savor this time…., evening’s best. Forget the chaotic scenes back there. A moment, I’ll brush the… Read More A Winter’s Gift

~~ Holiday Blessings ~~

********************************************************************* ********************************* May you find warmth on a cold windy day May snow only be as deep as the bottom of your shoes (except for you skiers/snowboarders) May you, this season, celebrate with those you love And may love for all you hold dear continue to grow in your hearts…, this holiday season and forevermore.… Read More ~~ Holiday Blessings ~~

~~ Nollaig Shona Duit ~~

********************************************** =========================== The Gaelic greeting for ‘Merry Christmas’ is: ‘Nollaig Shona Duit’ ……which is pronounced as ‘null-ig hun-a dit’. Holly is a traditional Irish decoration for the home.  As it was plentiful, both rich and poor alike used it to decorate for the Yule season. All decorations are traditionally taken down on Little Christmas (January… Read More ~~ Nollaig Shona Duit ~~

~~ Peace ~~

**************************** ************ . . ************** It’s a still, cold evening.  The golden, full moon is slowly rising from the depths along the horizon.  A deep, dark sky is strewn with pin points of diamond light, uncountable stars glittering in the chill.  The quiet silence is so peaceful.  The whole world should know such peace. *****************… Read More ~~ Peace ~~

Tales from the Ranch – Part 3

 ***************************** ****************  He returned to the den, dropped into a comfortable old chair, tilted his hat over his eyes and said nothing, just chuckled lightly. Gramps…, Gramps…, what’s going on? C’mon, say something. What happened out there? Well…, ok. Y’all might as well know. When I said we’d like some time to ourselves out here,… Read More Tales from the Ranch – Part 3

As the Season Starts

************ Giving is not just the presents under the tree, It’s what we do for each other…, you, and me. Presents wrapped in red and gold Are only objects that we can hold. The real gift as this season starts Begins in kind and loving hearts. ******* *** Season’s Greetings Everybody !!! ********** ******* **** **