~ Headin’ South ~

He’ll miss me while I’m gone, but I left a good supply of corn and peanuts for him…


(think of this to the tune of the Kingston Trio song “Tom Dooley”)

This time tomorrow…,

reckon’ where I’ll be….,

gettin’ started early…,

I’ll be south of Tennessee.


Cruisin’ in the southland…,

by evenin’ I should see…,

the city lights of Birmingham…

On my way to Longboat Key.

(A difficult decision)


Raise up my head and smile

Walkin’ there by the sea

Will be here for quite a while

The white sand beach and me.

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge on I-75
No, we’re not staying here !!!!!
Will be living here for a month.
I may not want to go back north !
Really looking forward to evenings like this again !
So long snow !  Goodbye cold !  I’m takin’ a vacation from you for a while…

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