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I was visited in the early morning hours today by an ethereal spirit…, a ghost, if you will…, tall, slender, coal black hair, sapphire blue eyes.  Not a word said…, she just looked into my eyes, smiled, and caressed my cheek, and then, as quietly as she came, she dissolved into the morning mist and fog.  It was time for her Christmas visit.  I woke to the scent of jasmine in the room…..



She was so charming, enchantingly beautiful, lovely and loving in every way.  They had so much, such a great, marvelously complete and wonderful love that was to be fulfilled with the birth of their first child.

December 10, 1962.  There was a car crash.  He was told to get to the hospital as soon as possible….

December is here again.  Another year has passed, and though it happened so,so long ago, the time fails to diminish the gnawing sense of loss he feels when that fateful anniversary day passes.  Recalling all of the happiness they shared leading up to that day only serves to amplify the sense of grief he still feels from  losing her and their baby, and all the promises of love and happiness they shared.    Her last words to him as she lay dying still ring in his ears,  “I’ll always be with you,  … always love you”.  Time passes and pain diminishes but there is always that lingering sense of loneliness (selfishly) for that person, that love, those hopes and the dreams and plans that they should have been able to share. 


in-love-Valentines-day- pictures[1]

Real love never dies.


Yes, it’s on my mind again tonight.  Guess this time of year will always keep bringing it back to me…
…there will always be that place in my heart that she alone will know. 



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  1. Oh Paul. My heart goes out to you. I also received a call about a car crash – one December night 27 years ago. I don’t even have words right now. I’m getting choked up (something I rarely do.) I put feelings down in my blog as stories and allegories. Years have passed. New hopes and dreams and memories come to be. I now have a wonderful life, a family I love more than anything – it scares me how much I love them, because I’m so afraid of getting another call. But it is our job to remember someone who loved us. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I would never turn away from it. The love will always be there. The sound of a voice, a laugh, a touch… it will always be there.

    • 🙂 I know, J. A new life, and new dreams, are always built on the foundations of the past. They underlie all that we are and have today. ….and maybe strengthen it by the knowledge of how important they are. 🙂 Happy Holidays, Vampire !!!

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