The PermaCloud




It’s been steadily creeping into the area for weeks now.  Stealthy, sneaky, like a thief in the dark.  Its dull, drab, dingy presence invades and clings to the very heavens.  There is little respite to it as it robs the skies of the sun, masks the sapphire blue, and leaves its droll grey residue in the air and replaces the warmth of the days with rain, snow, wind, and cold. .  It is here now, almost every day, relief from its drab environs comes in minutes and hours, rarely a full day.  The monotone of its coloring, the fog, the rain, and more often, the snow marking its presence.  All is covered by its shadow.  It is the “PermaCloud”, here until the early Spring…, and I am trapped in the prison of its cold, windy, and depressing grip.



I miss the beautiful, warm Summer days.






4 thoughts on “The PermaCloud

    1. Thanks for your encouragement, Sheri. As every other “permacloud”, I will survive this one too, but I still get depressed with the constant gray. This year I’ll escape it for a while though. …xo

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