Before the dawn this morning

A nymph came out to play

In the mists as day was dawning

And she stayed for the whole day


She picked her way among the trees

As she danced before the wind

She kissed the blooms and made them freeze

And their branches she would bend


Her icy gown was shaded white and silver gray

She lingered til the dark of night

Then took the bright and shining light of day

And painted all in winter’s white

 * Snow_Princess_Wallpaper_ocss6[1] *

The Snow Queen has come to impose her Winter Way on the land


Good Night Everybody.  Stay Warm !!!


We have 7 inches of new, heavy, wet snow with 3 more forecast overnight.  Did I ever tell y’all how much I really don’t like any of this…., all these 4-letter things like cold, snow, wind…???





10 thoughts on “White

  1. I’m smiling reading your beautiful poem and comments regarding snow. Sitting here in Springtime on the other side of the world, it’s hard to imagine snow! I’ve seen it only a few times in my life. Although I love it (the feeling it produces is quite surreal) I’m sure it would lose its wonder should I have to shovel it out of my driveway. 😉
    Stay warm, and keep ‘rugged up’ as we say in Oz.

  2. Cead Mile Failt …………Welcome …….to winter and today’s snowfall…..It does look beautiful tho 😀 …..Your poem is lovely…fitting for the winter landscape today *hugs* 😀

    1. Honestly, Sheri, I love snow too. I love to look at it from a warm room in front of a roaring fire ! I love to visit it now and then and when I’m tired of it, go back to my nice warm cottage on the beach (I’m dreaming, of course). xo

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