Trick or Treat…..(sort of)

Central Great Lakes sector loop

Ok, folks…, it is Halloween, and Mother nature decided the terms of “Trick or Treat” today.  I guess the word is “Trick” because 38deg and mixed rain and snow sure ain’t no treat…, not for me anyway.  Rain I can do, but snow is just one of those 4-letter words I choose not to get close to.  I know it’s coming…, but this is just TOOOOO soon !!!   Well, you’ll have to excuse me now.  Its time to start up the fireplace.  Brrrrrrr!



2 thoughts on “Trick or Treat…..(sort of)

  1. Oh no! You should be having a nice Indian Summer about now not SNOW. I have a rare bit of rain at my neck of the woods today but you won’t need more than a sweatshirt. Keep warm and happy Halloween!

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