~~ Dark Night ~~




It’s a quiet night, the kind of ending one might expect at the terminus of a peaceful day.  It’s foggy, and there’s a soft gentle rain falling.  No stars or moon tonight, nothing but the deepening dark…, and the rain.


There’s a dark, hollow emptiness following me.  I feel alone in the cacophony of a crowded, noisy world.  What has happened to the warmth of life.., gone…, gone,  leaving nothing of itself.  There is nothing but this empty, hollow cold…, and the rain.


Still, life goes on.  Echoes of the past haunting each lonely footstep…, life goes on.






6 thoughts on “~~ Dark Night ~~

  1. I just read this article on marriage today. In it was a concept that not many understand It shared that everyone always feels alone, even in the middle of a crowd, because we are in a sense. And that if you are looking to get married to relieve that sense of aloneness you will only be disappointed in your partner, ultimately. It was really a good article and made me remember that though I am here with 8 billion people, I am also here alone. Thank you for this exposure to self. Love you. Sheri

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