Once upon a time, on an October 2nd day, a spirit was joined to a body and set upon the earth to continue yet another leg of the eternal journey. He was to be a farmer, a student, an artist, a soldier, a salesman, an air traffic controller, an office clerk, a senior member of a financial staff, a credit manager, an office manager, and, at an age earlier than most, he retired. Through all of this, life ranged from cold, icy mountaintops to lush warm valleys, with emotions of bitterness, sorrow, and sadness, pleasance, joy, happiness, and love along the road. There were some dead ends, to be sure, but thankfully they were few. Not an uneventful journey, but not as illustrious as many others have taken – the ordinary life of an ordinary man…  It continues…..

As each year passes
Life, like fine wine
Pours into our glasses
And we try to divine
The meaning of why we are here…


3ft tall
I haven’t shared this bit of information with many but, yes, today, October 2nd, is my birthday….,
and, as for the past 20 years, I’m still 39 years old.
I want to thank all of you out there who have followed me an walked the days with me.

Your presence in my life is truly appreciated.



9 thoughts on “~Today~

  1. Happy Birthday Paul! Our sweet Papa Bear! Sorry it is a litte belated but I celebrate the day God gave you to us! You are a gift and an inspirer! You are a talented soul with words that need to be spread around! You always take time to read and comment and even though it is not always as forthcoming from others in return, it does not go unappreciated! You are not only a reader and fellow blogger, you have become a friend that I value! Happy year my sweet friend!

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