~~Summer Lost~~




Looking back to January, what has happened to this year?  Winter seemed to continue forever, almost into April, then came an anemic Spring that lingered like a recalcitrant, stubborn child, refusing to leave even when prompted by the calendar.  Summer has tried to make an appearance but seems to always be pushed back by wet and cool days. 


What happened to the warm, soft summer nights when you could lay on a blanket in the lawn and count the stars…, walk down the lane with your lover and steal a kiss…, catch lightning bugs in a jar and let the radiance of their glow light the night around you. 


 Autumn is upon us with its falling leaves and evening chill, and not far behind will come Winter winds, cold, and snow.  What happened to Summer?  Is she hopelessly lost, peeking around corners, appearing fleetingly one day and gone the next? 


 I miss her…..







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