~~At Odds~~




The pencil’s broken The inkwell’s dry

I’m left to sit and wonder why

I search each day and try to find

But words don’t come to this tired mind

None and nothing comes it seems

But endless, worn, and weary dreams

Another night of broken sleep

There seems no thought that I may keep

So I leave you now on this tired night

And, again, reach out for the light

That once again will set me free

And unchain the spirit inside of me

To write…



Good Night Everybody







4 thoughts on “~~At Odds~~

  1. Well, if you’re like me… forcing just doesn’t work. Love the picture of the cat!! 😀 Usually, once I’m in bed, relaxed and about to go to sleep, I think of a few lines I really like, but I can’t get up and write them down or record them into my phone cuz my hubby would get mad… Just sleep and refreshed on the morrow, you’ll be great again. 😀

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