~~A Troubled Mind




It’s late

Weariness waits

But I don’t sleep

List too long

No sweet song

Only promises to keep.


The night goes on forever and cares of the days haunt my tired mind.  The days…, the days, where did they all go?  They pass so quickly now and nights, too, are short and restless.  Longingly, I think of peaceful hours of times past, and of the soft contentment of love’s sweet fulfillment.  These, tonight are of little comfort, only serving to torture my thoughts by their dissolution and, at times, their absence.  I am bound to words given, vows spoken, and an unwavering loyalty to a way of thinking and living that is rapidly becoming archaic and outdated.  Sometimes feeling disoriented and rejected, out of sync with a world that leaves me stumbling in its wake.


I will surrender to inevitable exhaustion and, at long last, wander into the quiet world of my dreams.  Will these be of a past long past, or will there be a vision of a more pleasant present day…, or will they be of the happiness of a future promised by hope?  Sleep now…



Tomorrow will dawn a new day with new promises.







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