~~ Seamus ‘n’ Maire ~~




A slow waltz was playin’

As he walked through the door

Eyes scanning the room

As he strolled ‘cross the floor

The music then stopped

And the dancers sat down

He looked at them all

Without smile or frown

And there in the corner

With a dress like a churl

Sat a beautiful, green-eyed

Red haired Irish girl

Passing all others

Much more wealthy by far

He marched to the chair

Of this wild Irish star

“Would ye dance wi’ me lady”?

He extended his hand

“Quite surely”, she said,

“And wouldn’t it be grand”?


So on through the night

They waltzed ‘cross the floor

Til the e’ening was over

And they danced through the door

Down the path to the beach

And out on the sand

‘Twas a fine evenin’, darlin'”

“Sure wasn’t it grand”?

Was the start of a new life

For Seamus and Maire

Was started as fun

And a bit o’ a dare…

“Would ye dance wi’ me lady”?



Good Night Everybody





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