Hearts ‘n’ Flowers


To All of my friends out there…

Fericita Ziua îndrăgostiţilor ** Všechno nejlepší k Valentýnovi ** Gelukkige Valentijnsdag ** Onnellisen Ystävänpäiväkortin Päivä **

La Saint-Valentin heureuse ** Glücklichen Valentinstag ** वेलेंटाइन डे खुश ** Boldog Valentin-napra ** San Valentino felice **

幸福なバレンタインデー ** Glad Valentines Dag ** Dia dos Namorados feliz ** Día de los enamorados feliz **عيد حب سعيد **

Srećan Dan zaljubljenih ** วันของแฮปปี้วาเลนไทน์ ** Mutlu Sevgililer Gününde ** یﮦ ايجنسﯽ خوشی کے دن **




5 thoughts on “Hearts ‘n’ Flowers

  1. I love the Hungarian Happy Valentine Day ( Boldog Valentin-napra) And Inion loves the Turkish. (Mutlu Sevgililer Gününde ) Nice idea our friend. In fact the notion that love can cross language barriers is quite beautiful when you think about it. Now if we might ask you an Irish question. We are working on a book right now & have a problem. When we originally did research to try and find out how to say “Dream Home” in Irish. We found the translation to be: Aisling Baile. But more recently we found six more sites that say the proper way is flipping those two words around: Baile Aisling. With some saying one way and others saying the last way we’re not sure which way is proper Irish. We wondering if you could tell us the right way. Is it Aisling Baile or Baile Aisling? We’ll wait for your answer so we know for sure. Thanks for your help Paul!! 😉

    1. Now, I’d be honored, wouldn’t I now, that ye think that I might be so steeped in the fine tongue of the celts to be advisin’ ye on such matters of importance. These would be my thoughts…, Since many a fine irishman puts the cart before the horse when he speaks, so to speak, it would a bit of fine irish logic to say this… “baile de mo bhrionglóidí” which would be to say “home o’ my dreams”, but for the sake of brevity, “aisling bhaile” or “dream home” might work as well, if you would. And I’d be thankin’ you for your kind comments, such beautiful colleens as yerself.
      lá breá a thabhairt duit anois, agus fanacht te.

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