Advanced Education


Yes, dear friends, I have at long last been awarded my PHD


It’s been a long hard pull and the work was, more often than not, just exhausting.  It all started with observations, samplings, composition, engineering, planning, and finally, but not least, the work.  The certificate was the culmination of years of work in a hazardous, demanding, mostly cold, hostile environment, but I have prevailed.


The Board of Regents

By virtue of the authority vested in it by law

And on the recommendation of its members,

Does hereby confer upon

Paul Barton

Who has satisfactorily completed the prescribed programs for

The degree of


In the study of   Snow Removal

With all the rights, privileges, and honors thereunto appertaining

This Twenty-Seventh day of January, Two Thousand Fourteen


This certificate is to verify that said above individual has , in the process of snow removal,

Has Piled it Higher and Deeper,

than anyone else in the neighborhood





Good Night Everybody !!!


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