2 1/2 Months Til Spring   8 comments

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20140105_103548  20140105_103606

Invierno en la casa de Pablo

20140106_123957  20140106_124037

More artwork from the frost fairies           The thermometer reads -4 F

I feel like I’m living the movie “Groundhog’s Day”.  I wake up each morning and it’s sunny for a while.  I clear the driveway.  Then it becomes windy and cloudy, and after about 4p.m. it begins to snow.  I wake up the next morning and it’s sunny for a while……….

20140118_131239  20140118_133753

This will be a coffee table when it’s finished                 Just finished – foot rest for the family room chair

Well, that’s all for tonight folks.  It’s time to finish reading my book and then drag my weary bones off to bed.  I’m so glad that Spring is only about 2 1/2 months away!!!  Where’s the beach???

Good Night Everybody !


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8 responses to “2 1/2 Months Til Spring

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  1. 8 weeks doesn’t sound as long………….. 🙂

  2. I love the movie Ground Hog day if that helps! -:) Oh, and I know the snow is cold and lasting a long time, but it sure is pretty to see it in your pictures -;). Ok, now on the more serious side, the furniture is truly beautiful! Good-night my dear friend. Sheri

  3. Yo quiero ver a la primavera en casa de Pablo, pronto! 🙂

  4. Brrrr… but beautiful.
    Love the foot rest too.

  5. Beautiful….Fairy land indeed!

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