Who said “LET IT SNOW”  ???????

The pic is this evening, from the living room window and the snow is still falling.  With drifts, we have 24-36in of this white stuff on the ground now.  My poor elderly snowblower has given up, mainly because I’m running out of somewhere to blow the snow.  This may sound facetous, but no one here is laughing…, and the temperature is just bitterly cold now, with a day or two in the minus category for the high of the day !!!  It’s all very pretty, as long as you don’t have to go out for anything like groceries, getting the mail, etc.  “Let It Snow”…!!!!!!  Are you crazy ???


Like the softness of a snowflake, may the peace of the evening’s quiet find its way into your dreams and bring happiness to your heart.





4 thoughts on “ENOUGH, ALREADY !!!!!!!

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