~~A Letter to Santa~~   2 comments

Dear Santa,
I know this is a busy time for you,
but maybe you could take a moment
to rest and read…, please? 
I’m not asking for anything for myself. 
I am blessed with having enough.  
In my everyday, I see poor people out
in the cold.  Would you bring them a coat?
I see hungry children with nothing to eat.
Could you see that they have something?
There are so many others that could use
some help too, but I don’t want to ask
for too much.  I know how busy you are.
I know this probably isn’t something you
normally do, but, if you could help…?  Is
there something you could do to give this
torn, weary world some peace?  I hope I
haven’t troubled you and asked for too
much.  Is there something I could do to
help you? 

Posted December 10, 2013 by PapaBear in Experiences, Personal, Prose

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2 responses to “~~A Letter to Santa~~

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  1. You’re an angel. But then again, I already suspected.

  2. Beautiful words from your nobel heart.


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