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For Gayle Marie

GMB 2a



Her last words to me…

“I’ll always love you…,  I’ll always be with you”.

Then she closed her eyes and passed through death’s door into

the light of another world where I could not yet come. 

This is the anniversary of her death, and after 51 long years

the pain is as fresh as yesterday…  Sorrow as persistent as this is

 the  signature of  very deep love.  These feelings are the essence of  loss, 

the loss  of a priceless treasure both beautiful and precious. 

All that is left is the wonderful memory of our all too brief time together. 

Tonight I mourn…,

Tomorrow I will celebrate the joy of what we had, what we shared…,

and life will go on as before. 

…………………I will go on, continuing to live the dreams as she had asked………………..

(…and the promise I gave…)


Love has no end…, only a beginning.



Good Night Everyone !



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5 responses to “~51~

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  1. Beautiful and heart wrenching.
    My heart goes out to you.

  2. Major goosebumps over here, Paul. So sorry for your loss. What a lovely tribute to her and the anniversary of her passing.

  3. I love you Paul. Your love for her is the most beautiful love I have ever personally known. One day … right. We both know. XO

  4. Oh Paul, my heart goes out to you. Yet, I’m glad you had her in your life for the brief time. It is something at most people never find. I just had an anniversary of the same kind, 27 years ago this month. That is one reason I write about the ghost.

    Gayle Marie will always be proud of you and your poets soul. The love is always there. That I know for a fact.

    Wishing you peace always,

  5. This is heartbreaking but lovely Paul as is she. So beautiful and forever young~

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