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As December came talk turned to Christmas, and the

  joy and happiness it would bring.  She would ask

  about snow, “What is it like?  How cold does it get?

  Is it as pretty as I imagine?  Don’t you miss it?





At the beginning of December
Conversations turned to snow
It was always in her questions
Wherever we would go
I promised I would take her
So that finally she would know
But angels came to take her home
And she never saw the snow.


Once again, as the chill of winter settles on the land and a steel gray overcast clouds the horizon, memories of another December come to mind and I feel a presence.  There’s a warmth that surrounds me, and a soft whisper in my ear, “Be happy, Sweetness.  As I promised you, I’ve been with you all the time, every day of every year…, and, yes darlin’, I’ve seen the snow”.



4 responses to “Snow

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  1. LOve it and snow for me is one of the most favorite things for me ! 🙂

  2. Much love Paul.

  3. I’m sorry ….

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