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Not much happening tonight.  No visitors, no chores to be finished, nothing much on TV…, I arranged some kindling and wood on the grate and touched a match to them.  A fireplace can be such a wonderful thing.  I sat back to watch the flames dance in their myriad moods and colors and listened to the quiet, not clouding my mind with thoughts of what needed to be done tomorrow, what was done today, or anything else, just listening to the soft peaceful sound of the quiet in the house.  I sat there for a while, clearing my mind of just everything, then laid my head back and closed my eyes.  At last I was in touch with, not the cares of the day, expectations of other people, just in touch with my heart and the world around me…, nothing else…, no one else.  I was in a peaceful place, not asleep, just at ease with myself and my world.  What an amazing experience!  I was finally brought back to the real world by LilyCat who had curled up at my side to share the sofa, and some time with me.


What’s even more amazing is that this is something anyone…, everyone, can do. It’s a simple gift that you can give to yourself as often as you would want.  It takes only a little effort, costs nothing but your time, but the benefits are more than you can imagine.  Try it sometime.  I believe once tried, you’ll find excuses to do it often.  What price peace?


Good Night Everyone !


May the wind always be at your back

May the cold of the world never reach the warmth of your heart

May all of you realize and share in the joy and happiness of the coming holiday season






6 responses to “Quiet

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  1. Reverie, it is one of our greatest gifts.Cheers to you Paul~

  2. Happy thoughts to you.
    Fire draws you in. It’s all good. 🙂

  3. May you have a wonderful holiday season.


  4. The picture you painted is such a lovely one I must try the process at once. I’ve had a hectic day and I deserve this bliss you have portrayed. Thank you for the suggestion in advance.

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