The White Queen   5 comments


December 1….  ‘Tis the season when the world starts to change, becoming less temporate and mild, morphing into a landscape more bare, harsh, and cold.  Moisture rides the cold wind, cutting through clothing like a knife.  Merciless, it is here…, winter has arrived.



Into a world that was warm and nice,

Clothed in frigid snow and ice

The White Queen has arrived.

She brings with her

Both frost and flake

And her intent is to make

You cold.

As you must face the frigid air

No way to avoid her icy stare


Drifts, the icy winds do blow

Piling valleys with her snow.

The only refuge to embrace

Is a warm chair by the fireplace

To escape her wrath

It’s there you must go

To escape the frigid frost and snow.




Stay warm !!!





Posted December 1, 2013 by PapaBear in Experiences, Poetry

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5 responses to “The White Queen

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  2. Thank you for these beautiful words, you brought with them some passion into this frozen world, thanks 🙂 !!

  3. Wonderful!

  4. I LOVE this poetry! Happy winters!

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